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Why You Need a Sports Bra

Why can’t I just exercise in my regular bra? Why do I need a special bra for sports?

Well, here’s the thing about breasts, they have ligaments, and too much movement causes these ligaments to stretch. When your breast ligaments stretch, this causes your breasts to droop. And although regular bras can be very supportive, sports bras are designed specifically to limit breast movement during exercise. The material tends to be firmer and the support stronger. As a result, you can move vigorously, and your ligaments won’t stretch.

Not enough reasons for you? Here are a few more:

Wick Away Sweat

Sweat is a byproduct of exercise, but you know that. Sweat can also be gross and uncomfortable, but I’m sure you know that as well.

Fortunately, most sports bras are designed to keep sweat from accumulating around your breasts, easing discomfort. Furthermore, wicking away sweat makes it possible for your body to regulate its temperature. As a result, you’ll stay cool and comfortable.

Reduce Pain

Vigorous movement causes the muscle ligaments in your breasts to move sideways, as well as up and down. This can be painful; however, a properly fitting sports bra limits movement, reducing the occurrences of pain.

Help you Train

When you’re properly supported so that you can stretch, jump, run and so forth, without pain or discomfort, you’ll get a better workout. If you aren’t worried about sweat, or excessive breast movement, you’re free to focus on your training. And isn’t that the point?

Now that you know why you need a sports bra, it’s time to go shopping! Check out our selection of high-impact sports bras in our webstore or visit us in-store for a personalized shopping experience.

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