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Bras for Breast Surgery

At Lingerie DEBra we offer fitting and sale services by appointment for:

  • Pre- and Post- Breast Reconstruction Surgery bras

  • Mastectomy bras

  • Prothesis

  • Breast Reduction Surgery bras

  • Breast Enlargement Surgery bras


Due to the complex nature of finding the correct fit for these bras, they aren't available for purchase online. However, if you can't make it to the store for a fitting, we do offer virtual consultations. For more information contact:

Leyla Pamela.jpg

Post-Surgery Bras

We carry two styles of post-surgery bras from the brand Amoena:

The Leyla & The Pamela

These bras are suitable for a number of different surgeries including:

-Breast Reconstruction

-Breast Reduction

-Breast Enlargement


Bras for Pre-Reconstruction and Post-Mastectomy

If you want to even out your breast shape, the Adapt Air Shaper can be modified to fill in gaps in breast tissue, as well as serve as an alternative to a prothesis or reconstruction.


Mastectomy Bras


We carry two masectomy bras from Amoena:

-The Frances

-The Mona

We also carry a mastectomy sports bra from Anita:

-The Extreme Control Mastectomy bra

We Are Here to Help!

You can reach us online from Mon to Sun 8am to 8pm:

 And in-person and over the phone - 514-505-9040:
Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

Saturday from 10am to 5pm

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