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Bra-fit Services


Lingerie DEBra is not just another lingerie store. We are a unique bra-fitting boutique that works by appointment to ensure that you get a one-on-one experience with a Bra-Fit Specialist who will assist you in finding the right bra for your body and your needs.

Your personalized Bra-Fit session will start with some measurements (with your clothes on) and then you will be fitted with one of our sizing bras.  Based on how well (or not) the first bra fits, we will then adjust your size and try you in another bra.  The Bra-Fit Specialist will also evaluate your overall body shape to determine the best bras for you.

If your final cup size is A-C, then your Bra-Fit Specialist will write your measurement down for you to take home and your appointment will come to an end as Lingerie DEBra does not carry bras with A-C cups.  If your size is a D cup or greater, then your Bra-Fit Specialist will show you some bras to try on from our ample inventory.  Your Bra-Fit Specialist will work with you to find the right bra, whether you are looking for something “everyday”, a sports bra, swimwear or a bra for a special occasion.


Do you love a bra but it’s not in the right size or colour? Lingerie DEBra will place a special order for you with complete payment. You may choose to pick up your order at the location most convenient for you or have it mailed to you for a small fee. Either way, you will be promptly notified when your bra has been received in store.


Lingerie DEBra is proud to offer gift certificates in the denomination of your choice.  The perfect gift for your family and friends.

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