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Bra Fitting FAQs

Why should I have a professional Bra-Fitting?

Over 80% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra.  A professional Bra-Fitting should educate you on the proper bra-fit and help you find the right bra for your body and your needs.  The proper Bra-Fit should also help solve some of the most common bra complaints; saggy breasts, straps that fall off, sore neck and shoulders, etc… 


How long does a Bra-Fitting Appointment take?

You should set aside approximately 30 minutes for a Bra-Fitting at Lingerie DEBra.  We take the time with each customer to get you in the right bra and educate you on what a properly fitting bra looks and feels like.


Do I need a reservation for a professional Bra-Fitting?

We offer a personalized service, so if you walk-in and no one is available to serve you, you may have to wait and depending on how busy we are with appointments, you may have to wait for some time. Therefore, we recommend that everyone make an appointment.


What are some signs of a poor bra-fitting?

The most common signs of a poor-fitting bra are: the back of the bra rides up; straps fall off of your shoulders; breast tissue falls out of your cup; the front/centre of the bra does not rest up against your sternum; you have no lift from your bra; the straps dig into your shoulders; etc…   

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