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Are Wireless Bras Better For You?

Once upon a time, bras had wires made of lead. Lead can harm the body in many ways, and it was suspected that bras that contained lead made many people sick. This led to the belief that bras with wires were bad for you.

In truth, if you're wearing a properly fitting bra, underwires don't pose any risk to your health. Unless, of course, your doctor advises you otherwise.

In fact, underwire bras are ideal for giving your breasts shape and lift. This is because the primary purpose of a bra's underwire is to mould the breast into a particular shape. So what happens is your breast tissue is enveloped by the wire, pushing its volume into a specific direction. As a result, you get a particular shape to your breasts.

Non-underwire bras, by contrast, rely on seaming to give your breasts shape. Seams are less firm than wire, so the result is a more natural look.

Wires also do a better job of creating a separation between the breasts. Without a wire, a bra's gore (middle piece) won't tack to the sternum, so your breasts tend to touch.

Furthermore, the firmness of the underwire is better able to support the weight of your breast, so you get more lift than without wire. Lift is important aesthetically and can help alleviate some strain on the shoulders.

Why Go Wireless?

Choosing not to wear a wire is a personal choice. Some people find underwires uncomfortable. And in the case of nursing women, wires can sometimes interfere with milk flow. However, it's good to keep in mind that it's harder to get a particular shape with a non-underwire bra and depending on the weight of your breasts, you might find it harder to get the right amount of support.

Regardless of whether you want a bra with or without a wire, the most important thing is to get one that's the right size and fit. To find a wireless bra that's right for you, check out our selection online or make an appointment to visit us in-store.

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